When I heard that this family wanted to have their session in downtown Carmel, I was so excited!  I LOVE shooting in Carmel.  The downtown area has so many fun locations.  Thank you, D. family, for a wonderful session!  I had a great time and I hope you enjoy your pictures!

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I was so pleased to meet this adorable family over at the Horton Iris Garden in Loomis yesterday evening.  The weather was perfect and the lighting was so beautiful.  Thanks, once again, B. family!  Enjoy your sneak peek!






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  • lindsay koehler

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  • Tawney

    I love them Susanne! Thank you so much.ReplyCancel

I recently had the amazing opportunity to photograph newborn triplets.  They were so tiny and sweet!  We were never able to get all three to sleep at the same time, but I still love how the pictures turned out!  Thank you, A., for giving me this wonderful opportunity to photograph your gorgeous little ones!

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    while growing up in Sacramento. I love that I could see these pictures now that I
    do not live there anymore.ReplyCancel

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