Last time I was visiting Monterey, I met up with my friend and photographer, Morgan Werner, to do a trade.  First we went to an old abandoned building on Fort Ord.  It was a little creepy, and I have to admit that I was worried I’d get cut by the broken glass everywhere, but the pictures turned out awesome!  Totally worth it!  Then we headed down to Carmel to take pictures at the San Carlos Mission.  GORGEOUS location for pictures!  I can’t believe I never thought to go there before.  Morgan and her husband were natural models in front of the camera, so my job was pretty dang easy.  Plus, amazing good looks helped, too! 🙂  Thanks for doing the trade with me, Morgan!  We should definitely do it again soon.






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  • Totally worth the possibility of a tetanus shot! I’m loving that location of the first shot!ReplyCancel

Last night I attended a PPSV meeting (Professional Photographers  of Sacramento Valley) where I heard Jasmine Star speak.  I was sooooo excited to meet her and listen to her lecture!!!  She is a rock star in the wedding photography industry and I’ve followed her blog for almost two years.  So I definitely felt like I was meeting a celebrity. 🙂  She reminded all of the photographers at the meeting how important it is to blog regularly.  So I thought I’d do my “homework assignment” today and put up a post that is long overdue!  This is the O. Family…  I did their session almost two weeks ago, but forgetful me didn’t remember to put up some pictures on here.  I had tons of fun with this family!  We went over to one of my new favorite spots here in Rocklin for their session.  Their youngest, little A., was NOT interested in letting me take pictures of her, but I was excited to discover that I captured quite a few cute ones of her anyway!  Thank you again, O. family!  I can hardly wait to see that 16×20 hanging above your fireplace!!




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  • wow what a beautiful family!!ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Oh my goodness…the pictures are wonderful! I am so proud of my sister and her picture perfect family! I can’t wait to get a copy of my own to hang it up to show everyone my beautiful sister and my adorable nieces and nephew!ReplyCancel

One of my best friends had her baby a couple of weeks ago, so I just HAD TO make a special trip over to Monterey to photograph baby E.  She is just as gorgeous as her older brother and sister (and her mommy!) and oh-so-sweet.  I adore her perfect little lips and all that wonderful hair!  Here are a few of my favorites…


web-11 color

web-78 b&w

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web-88 color

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  • Honestly, I really can’t pick a favorite. They are all outstanding and catch the energy and spirit Thanks for sharing these delights!

    Pat EvansReplyCancel

  • I love these images, you did an amazing job, they are all wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely stunning. So soft and pretty. Congrats to your friend! You did an amazing job!ReplyCancel

I just found this great new spot for photo shoots, so I tried it out with the S. family last week.  My least favorite part was when I stepped into a giant mud puddle in the grass and covered my feet and shoes in mud (note to self: do not wear flip-flops to photo shoots) but other than that, the session went great!  Thank you, S. family!  I had a blast and I hope you enjoy your pictures!

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I took another trip over to Monterey this week and had the opportunity to photograph these GORGEOUS children in downtown Carmel.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  Thank you, E.!!!  It was so much fun photographing your beautiful children!

web-23 color


web-42 lavender1


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  • I love this session- reminds me of something out of a anthropologie magazine (if they had one for kids)!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah D

    Susanne, these are beautiful!!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous images — and I love that door! Could you clone it for me 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Oh my, check out his big blue eyes and her gorgeous smile. Priceless! You captured them beautifully.ReplyCancel

  • lisa

    Wow, these are some of the best pictures I have ever seen. I love allllll of them! This last set of those two kids are far more than beautiful! WOW!! good job!ReplyCancel