I had the pleasure of photographing little Z. this afternoon and he was just as sweet as they get!  His mommy had some awesome props that she wanted to incorporate into the session, including this beautiful rocker.  I love it when parents bring personal items to use in the session!   Thank you, P. family!  It was fun meeting you and your adorable baby boy today!






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  • Michelle P.

    These are adorable!! Thank you so much for being so patient w/ Z as he wouldn’t fall asleep towards the end. :)Can’t wait to see the rest.ReplyCancel

  • virginia smyth

    just adorable. congratulationsReplyCancel

You may remember THIS maternity session from a few weeks ago.  Well, they just had their baby boy, and he is as darling as can be.  I had a blast photographing him this morning!  He was a perfect little angel.  Thank you, M. family, for a great morning!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures!!






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  • GORGEOUS! And I -adore- that scale! Where’d you find it?

    Great photos! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • K. Mayhew

    I love the preview pics! Can’t wait to see the rest!ReplyCancel

At 19 days old, little K. was a bit older than the newborns that I typically photograph.   Luckily, with a little work, we were able to get some beautiful sleeping images of her.  I’ve known her family for about seven years now.  Her mom and I were pregnant with our first babies at the same time (who are now both in Kindergarten).  And now, after three boys, they finally have their beautiful little girl.  I could not be more thrilled to have the honor of doing her newborn pictures.  Thank you, T.!  I had a wonderful time catching up with you yesterday and photographing your gorgeous baby girl! 






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  • teneil

    Amazing work Susanne! The pictures of Kenna turned out stunning. Can’t wait to see the rest.ReplyCancel

I simply fell in love with little Miss L. and her gorgeous full head of blond hair!  Isn’t she just a doll?  And at 10 days old, she was very well behaved (and definitely a huge fan of my space heater!).  Thank you, M. family, for inviting me into your home this weekend to photograph your beautiful angel!




This last picture makes my heart melt!  There’s just something about eskimo kisses…  maybe because my own kids love them so much (and I do, too!).  I just adore how she has her hand on his face.  Candid moments are my favorite!!  


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  • Michelle

    Gorgeous pictures!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dave

    Ten days and almost time for a haircut.ReplyCancel

  • Teresa

    I love them!! Little Miss L looks so peaceful when she’s all curled up and sleeping!ReplyCancel

 I met little Miss C. yesterday afternoon — what a treat!  At 7 days old, she was just as beautiful as can be.  I know I don’t talk about it on here very often, but having the priveledge to photograph a newborn makes my heart sing!  There is just something special about meeting a brand new baby, so new to this world.  I LOOOOVE photographing newborns!! 





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  • Leslie

    They turned out great!!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffani Morgan

    I LOVE the sneak peak and I can’t wait to see the rest!! Thanks you so much!ReplyCancel

  • What a sweet little girl! Gorgeous images as always susanne!ReplyCancel