Confession.  I’m a complete and utter romantic.

I simply love love!

Having the chance to capture it through my lens makes me one happy girl!  I enjoy hearing about all the details that my clients are planning for their wedding and I get excited right along with them!  I’ve been interested in photography since I was a little girl.  I got my first camera (a purple kodak film camera… complete with a wheel on the back to wind the film!) for my ninth birthday, along with a book on photography composition (geared towards children, of course).  I poured over that book and loved practicing with my camera.

As I got older, I became more passionate about photography.  I was the picture taker of the family and during my first year of college, I even worked at the Picture People for a short time (should I admit that?!).  Photography has really been a life long interest and I feel honored to be a part of so many clients lives as I spend the most important day of their life with them.  I go into each wedding with the intent to capture the emotions of the day, the love that the couple has for each other (captured in a way that’s unique to them!), and photograph all the beautiful details that were so carefully planned out.


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