Nautical Pirate themed bedroom

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of my son’s nautical pirate themed bedroom on my blog!  An interior designer I am NOT, but I do love decorating my house and making it a home.  So sharing this room is like sharing a piece of my heart!  The room was originally inspired by a pirate themed photo shoot that my son and I planned together.  After I printed up a canvas of my favorite picture from the shoot, the two of us talked about using it as inspiration for his room (honestly, Gavin couldn’t really care less… he loves pirates, so he was all for making his room look more “cool!”).    I started collecting pieces for his room one at a time and it’s really transformed over the past year.  The first addition to his room was his bed.  My husband built it himself.  Before you start thinking that there is no way you could add a piece of handmade furniture to your space, let me tell you… my husband had NEVER built furniture before.  We were switching the kids rooms around because we felt that it was time for Gavin to have his own room and our two girls to share.  I was looking online to find a bed for him that looked more like a boy bed (since our youngest had previously had a white girly sleigh bed in this room!).  I found the Pottery Barn Kids bed that I decided I just HAD TO have for him.  Then I found a link on Pinterest to some instructions to build a bed that looked exactly like it!  So I asked my husband if he would rather we spend $$$$ or just a couple hundred bucks and he build it!  (I know, I thought I was pretty clever!)  I was surprised that he opted to build the bed and it has become one of my favorite pieces in our home!  Scroll down to see some pictures of Gavin’s room and at the bottom of the post, I’m providing sources to where I bought different things in his room, along with the link to the bed plans (so you can build your own bed for your kids!).  😉pirate themed boyetsy pirate room vinyl signsailing nautical artworkpirate nautical interior design ideasshark bank nautical bedroomnautical themed bedroompirate nautical theme bedroomdriftwood whalepirate doll nautical bedroomnautical theme cost plus world marketanchor book ends TargetCost Plus world market globelifestyle childrennautical boynautical pirate theme bedroomlifestyle photography Sacramento
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Bed plans:

Anchor pillow, pirate pillow & curtains: The Land of Nod

Pirate doll: Roving Ovine etsy shop

Nightstand: Pottery Barn

Shelf & world globe: Wold Market

Anchor print: Etsy shop

Boy Pirate greeting card: Etsty shop

Lamp, shark bank, anchor book ends, Candle holder: Target

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