Preggo… {Rocklin & Lincoln Maternity Photography}

I always have so much fun with Morgan!  She is a very talented photographer and a good friend of mine, so when she asked me to take some maternity pictures for her, I was super excited (and a little nervous – as I always am, when taking pictures for another photog).  I can hardly wait to meet her littly guy in a few weeks!!


Aren’t they soooooooo photogenic?  They make it really easy for me.




{They make me laugh… a lot!} granite-bay-maternity-photography



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  • What a beautiful couple…made me laugh with the first one together as I was picturing me and my husband in their place, no amount of awesome Susanne talent could make us look that great (neither of us are all that photogenic)! Hahahaha. Really beautiful Susanne, they are gorgeous and you did a wonderful job.ReplyCancel

  • I just keep looking at these pictures. I love them so much. Brett loves that his “gray” hair shows on that headshot of us. (Every time I find a gray hair on his head, he says, “Yesssss!”) Thank you sooooooo much for doing these for us! You rock my socks off.

    Kate, what you don’t know is that for every great, “photogenic” picture of us, there are at least 10 of us cracking up and trying to get serious. Blue steel is hard work. 😉ReplyCancel

  • susannea

    Kate – yes I could! 😉
    Morgan – I love the gray hair. Haha! And I’m so glad you like the pictures! Can’t wait to meet your little guy in a few weeks!!!ReplyCancel

  • What a gorgeous momma-to-be!!
    These are beautiful Susanne!ReplyCancel

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